On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Allan Jude <allanj...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On 2014-06-23 12:39, Alan Somers wrote:
>> The projects/zfsd project branch is up to date.  Merging it to CURRENT
>> is blocked on these tasks.
>> 1) (The biggie) We must resolve the issue with multiple geom opens.
>> Geom tries to prevent any two consumers from simultaneously opening
>> the same provider.  This is why, for example, you can't do dd
>> if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 if your ada0 has a mounted file system.
>> However, ZFS internally opens spare devices multiple times.  The only
>> way that geom will allow that is if ZFS opens devices non-exclusively.
>> That means that you will lose your protection.  Fixing this correctly
>> requires deep changes to ZFS to remove the multiple opens.
>> 2) Need to merge in zfsd's functional tests.  I'm currently working on
>> this issue as time allows.
>> 3) It needs a manpage.
> I can help with a man page. Is there an outline or readme to start from?

None that I know of.  Usage is simple; there is only one option.  "-d"
runs in the foreground instead of daemonizing.  But the man page
should also describe the location of the case files and the types of
damage that zfsd can fix.  Unfortunately, that's not documented
anywhere except in the source right now.  I appreciate the offer of
help, Allan, but you may get frustrated; you just don't have much to
work with.

-Alan with a single "l".

>> 4) Various bug fixes need to be merged to the kernel and to LibZFS.
>> Coordinating with Illumos makes that process slow.  will@ is working
>> on it as time allows.
>> 5) libdevctl needs to be made private
>> 6) The sequential packet feature added to devd in the zfsd project
>> branch at revision r266519 must be merged to head.  It's currently
>> waiting for review from imp@ and ian@.
>> For TrueNAS, I believe that delphij@ merged an older version of zfsd
>> from the project branch.
>> -Alan
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> Allan Jude
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