Beeblebrox wrote:
> Hi and thanks for your input. If I may, I have several more Q's
> regarding
> this issue:
> > As I think I've mentioned before, a NFSv4 root fs won't work, so
> > don't
> > bother trying...
> Q1: I did not realise that. I took out the "V4: " in exports.
> However, is it
> possible to have a mixed-mode, something like /data/amd64 as V3 but
> /home as
> V4?
Yes, that should be fine. It is only the root fs that won`t work.
There are 2 problems:
1 - nfsuserd can`t be running when the root fs is first accessed, so
    uid vs username mappings aren`t available. (A recent change in the
    spec that allows a username that is a string of uid digits works
    around this. It was driven by Linux folks that wanted NFSv4 root file
    systems to work. This spec is still an IETF draft, so it is hard to
    say if it supported yet.)
2 - The client mount needs a unique identifier for the client machine.
    The host uuid used for this is set during booting. To make an NFSv4
    root fs to work, there needs to be some way to generate a unique
    identifier for the machine before it accesses the root fs.

So, someday NFSv4 root file systems may work, but not right now.
I need to check to make sure this is in the mount_nfs and nfsv4 man

> Q2: I now get to the BTX loader, wireshark shows correct mount call
> ",, MOUNT, V3 MNT Call (Reply In 14072)
> /data/amd64".
> Unfortunately, I get a complete black screen when I hit <enter> from
> BTX (it
> looks like a lock-up) and wireshark shows no traffic for the problem.
> To get to this point, I re-anabled some of what I had taken out
> before, and
> I now forget which config options are necessary at this point. What I
> have:
> (always had this) fstab:  /  nfs  ro 0 0
> boot/loader.conf:
> boot.nfsroot.server=""
> boot.nfsroot.path="/data/amd64"
> ##_re-enabled_##
> vfs.root.mountfrom="nfs:"
> vfs.root.mountfrom="nfs"
> boot.nfsroot.options="nolockd"
> vfs.root.mountfrom.options="ro"
When I`ve done it (not recently), I don`t think I set any of the above
in loader.conf. However I also didn`t use a read-only root fs.

Hopefully someone who uses NFS root file systems can suggest help.

All I did was follow some web page instructions exactly.


> re-enabled in dhcpd.conf
> option root-path "";
> I can't figure out what needs to be modified and what options can be
> removed?
> Thanks for your help.
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