Am Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:22:25 +0200
Dimitry Andric <> schrieb:

> On 23 Jun 2014, at 16:31, O. Hartmann <> wrote:
> > Am Sun, 22 Jun 2014 10:10:04 -0700
> > Adrian Chadd <> schrieb:
> >> When they segfault, where do they segfault?
> ...
> > GIMP, LaTeX work, nothing special, but a bit memory consuming regrading 
> > GIMP) I tried
> > updating the ports tree and surprisingly the tree is left over in a unclean 
> > condition
> > while /usr/bin/svn segfault (on console: pid 18013 (svn), uid 0: exited on 
> > signal 11
> > (core dumped)).
> > 
> > Using /usr/local/bin/svn, which is from the devel/subversion port, performs 
> > well,
> > while FreeBSD 11's svn contribution dies as described. It did not hours ago!
> I think what Adrian meant was: can you run svn (or another crashing
> program) in gdb, and post a backtrace?  Or maybe run ktrace, and see
> where it dies?
> Alternatively, put a core dump and the executable (with debug info) in a
> tarball, and upload it somewhere, so somebody else can analyze it.
> -Dimitry

It's me again, with the same weird story.

After a couple of days silence, the mysterious entity in my computer is back. 
This time
it is again a weird compiler message of failure (trying to buildworld):

c++  -O2 -pipe -O3 -O3 
-I/usr/src/lib/clang/libllvmsupport/../../../contrib/llvm/lib/Support -I.
-fno-strict-aliasing -DLLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRIPLE=\"x86_64-unknown-freebsd11.0\"
-DLLVM_HOST_TRIPLE=\"x86_64-unknown-freebsd11.0\" -DDEFAULT_SYSROOT=\"\"
-Qunused-arguments -I/usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/legacy/usr/include -std=c++11 
-fno-rtti -Wno-c++11-extensions
-c /usr/src/lib/clang/libllvmsupport/../../../contrib/llvm/lib/Support/Host.cpp 
-o Host.o
--- GraphWriter.o --- In file included
error: use of undeclared identifier 'DOD'; did you mean 'DOT'? O <<
DOD::EscapeString(Label); ^~~
note: 'DOT' declared here namespace DOT {  // Private functions... ^ 1 error 
*** [GraphWriter.o] Error code 1

Well, in the past I saw many of those messages, especially not found labels of 
in shared objects/libraries or even those "funny" misspelled messages shown 

I can not reproduce them after a reboot, but as long as the system is running 
with this
error occured, it is sticky. So in order to compile the OS successfully, I 

Does anyone have an idea what this could be? Since it affects at the moment 
only one
machine (the other CoreDuo has been retired in the meanwhile), it feels a bit 
like a
miscompilation on a certain type of CPU.

Thanks for your patience,


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