On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Nate Williams wrote:

> No-one needs to grab a repository, unless they're looking at history.
> Just use CVSup to grab the latest bits, no need to grab the entire
> history.

I find it virtually impossible to work with anything but the most stable 
without the recent part of the repository because I often have to "unbreak" 
something that was recently committed or is otherwise unfinished in order to 
get a working system.

This is not a major complaint that I need to do so but rather the reason that
I find simply cvsup'ing inadequate.

> Users have the choice to take it all, since trying to build a 'pruned
> repository' is alot of work (due to the way CVS does it's thing), 

Actually, it isn't. it can be automated rather easily based on parsing the 
CVS tags and using RCS primitives.

The hard part is to get developers like yourself to recognize that they could 
refer to a CD for the old parts to the history and keep only the newer part
in the online distribution.

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