> And if I put up, will you (the organization) use it? It's certainly too much 
> work to prove the obvious. I don't have to convince myself of anything.
> The only value accrues if it gets used.

Erm, haven't we been here with you before?  I can even replay the
script from heart:

1. Richard comes up with some total crack-smoking idea that only he
   and a few people hanging around the men's room at grand central
   station appear to like.

2. Richard demands that this idea be implemented for everyone, both
   for the men's room crowd and everyone who's passing through grand
   central on their way to somewhere else.

3. Richard is told to prove and adequately demonstrate the genuine
   medical merits of smoking crack if he wants something like this to
   happen since the other folks always thought it was bad for you and
   besides, they're too busy to take up new and expensive vices.

4. Richard agrees to do so ONLY on the condition that everyone buy
   crack pipes and an ample supply of crack in advance, just on the
   off-chance that he's proven right about its benefits.

5. People refuse to do any such thing and the proposal collapses.

6. Go to step 1.

- Jordan

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