On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Richard Wackerbarth wrote:

> Actually, it isn't. it can be automated rather easily based on parsing the 
> CVS tags and using RCS primitives.
> The hard part is to get developers like yourself to recognize that they could 
> refer to a CD for the old parts to the history and keep only the newer part
> in the online distribution.

I told myself I wouldn't get into this debate with you again, Richard, but
you're not listening. The vast majority (all? I might have missed one) of
the other respondants have said they WANT to have the complete repository.
The above paragraph where you say these people should learn to use your
scheme instead shows that you don't get it.

It seems to be basically only you who wants this, so please either do the
work yourself and make it available, or stop trying to push your ideas on
the rest of us who have told you (again) that we don't think they're
worthwhile. If it's as easy as you claim them you could automate it and
make your own cvsup server which carries the repo-lite you so badly want.


P.S. Please don't tell me I'm being a "sandbox developer", because I've
yet to see the hordes of non-developers crying out for this system either.

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