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On 0817T1244, Hans Ottevanger wrote:


Great to see a real autofs finally coming to FreeBSD.

I already did some very cursory testing on a recent 11-CURRENT system
that I still happened to have and things with at least the /net map
look quite OK.

I could do some more extensive testing if I could use some of my
10-STABLE systems. I already checked that the patch applies cleanly
to a recent 10-STABLE (modulo a few offsets) and that both buildworld
and buildkernel succeed. Should I expect difficulties actually
running your autofs on 10-STABLE?

No, it should be fine.  Plan is to MFC this to 10 soon, btw.

Good to see that autofa has been MFC'd during my vacation 8-)

But I found a little problem...

When I try to access the NFS exported file-systems on an older test machine (running 7.x, but that is not so relevant, it also happens with other servers), with the following exports:

$ showmount -e soekris
Exports list on soekris:

I get:

$ ls /net/soekris
COPYRIGHT       dist            libexec         proc            tmp
bin             entropy         lost+found      rescue          usr
boot            etc             media           root            var
compat          home            mnt             sbin
dev             lib

which is correct, but the next level fails:

$ ls -l  /net/soekris/usr
total 0

since /usr on soekris is definitely not empty.
Relevant output of mount :

map -hosts on /net (autofs)
soekris:/ on /net/soekris (nfs, nosuid, automounted)

This is on 10.1-PRERELEASE r270922. The kernel config is GENERIC minus devices I do not have and AUTOFS added. Config files (/etc/auto_master, et al) are default. Mounting manually does succeed (in two steps, of course).

When trying this from Mac OS X (I am still on Snow Leopard) automounting works as expected. I did not have the opportunity yet to try a Linux box (also do not know whether autofs there has been eaten by systemd already 8-)).

Do I miss something, or is this a bug?

Kind regards,


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