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ETN> It's a bug.  Or rather, a missing feature.  The problem here is that
ETN> the "/" export "shadows" the rest.  To handle this correctly, automountd(8)
ETN> would need to mount the "/" share, then mount autofs on "/usr" etc, and
ETN> then call it done.  This part is easy.  The problem is: how to expire
ETN> (automatically unmount) it?  Because of autofs mounts, the "/" share
ETN> will always be busy, and thus won't ever get automatically unmounted.
ETN> So, for now, we don't even try to handle this situation.
  I have same problem with /usr + /usr/home, which make autofs pretty
useless for me :(

  Looks like, "autofs" mounts should not be considered "busy" for other
automounted filesystems and should be processed separately...

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