On Fri, Sep 05, 2014 at 11:20:21AM -0600, John Nielsen wrote:
> I have a "MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012" (MacBookPro10,1) on which I'd like to 
> be able to boot FreeBSD from an external USB drive. For testing I've been 
> using the mini-memstick images from the -CURRENT snapshots, most recently the 
> one from 20140903.
> I am able to select "EFI Boot" on the USB device from the Mac's boot menu, 
> and it does _something_, but the screen never changes--the image of the boot 
> menu is displayed indefinitely. I think it is actually booting since there is 
> drive activity and the caps lock key indicator starts working a few seconds 
> in, but the screen just stays the same. Thinking the resolution of the Retina 
> display may have been an issue, I tried booting with it disabled (lid closed) 
> and an external monitor and keyboard. The result was the same--Mac boot menu 
> frozen on the external display.
> Is there anything I should try to troubleshoot or debug this issue? Anything 
> else I should include in a PR? I can test patches if needed (probably after 
> building an image including the patch from a VM).

To be clear, which boot menu do you see?  If you see the FreeBSD loader
menu, escape to the loader prompt and try:

    set kern.vty=vt
    set hw.vga.textmode=1

I am a bit unclear under which conditions 'hw.vga.textmode=1' is
required, though.


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