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On Fri, Sep 05, 2014 at 11:20:21AM -0600, John Nielsen wrote:
I have a "MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012" (MacBookPro10,1) on which I'd like to 
be able to boot FreeBSD from an external USB drive. For testing I've been using the 
mini-memstick images from the -CURRENT snapshots, most recently the one from 20140903.

I am able to select "EFI Boot" on the USB device from the Mac's boot menu, and 
it does _something_, but the screen never changes--the image of the boot menu is 
displayed indefinitely. I think it is actually booting since there is drive activity and 
the caps lock key indicator starts working a few seconds in, but the screen just stays 
the same. Thinking the resolution of the Retina display may have been an issue, I tried 
booting with it disabled (lid closed) and an external monitor and keyboard. The result 
was the same--Mac boot menu frozen on the external display.

Is there anything I should try to troubleshoot or debug this issue? Anything 
else I should include in a PR? I can test patches if needed (probably after 
building an image including the patch from a VM).

To be clear, which boot menu do you see?  If you see the FreeBSD loader
menu, escape to the loader prompt and try:

    set kern.vty=vt
    set hw.vga.textmode=1

I am a bit unclear under which conditions 'hw.vga.textmode=1' is
required, though.
No, I don't ever see the FreeBSD loader. I see the menu you get on a Mac when you hold down the 
option (alt) key while booting--big disk icons representing the bootable disks/partitions in the 
system. In my case it was the "Macintosh HD" volume (Mac OS Mavericks), my Windows 
partition, and the USB stick with the FreeBSD memstick image on it, which the Mac just called 
"EFI Boot" (and the icon was that of a USB disk). There is also a little section at the 
bottom that allows wifi network booting (if you've done all the black magic (not PXE) to get that 
to happen). It shows a circular activity animation while it scans for wireless networks. That 
animation stops when I select the USB EFI icon and press enter (and that is the only visual 
indication I get that I made a selection).


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To see the FreeBSD (U)EFI boot loader on the Mac, you need to install an EFI shell like rEFIt on either your hard drive or a HFS formatted memory stick: 1) Download the rEFIt installer from here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/refit/rEFIt/0.14/rEFIt-0.14.dmg?r=http%3A%2F%2Frefit.sourceforge.net%2F&ts=1410181876&use_mirror=optimate
2) Open the downloaded file
3) Run the following command from the terminal: sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/rEFIt/rEFIt.mpkg -tgt /Volumes/memstick (in this example, I'm using an HFS formatted memory stick).
4) Run the command "sudo /Volumes/memstick/efi/enable.sh"
5) When you reboot your Mac, when you hold down the alt key, choose rEFIt on the startup menu. Then, choose the "BOOTx64.efi from …" option If everything now goes as it should, you should see the FreeBSD loader. When the "Press enter to boot or any other key to go to loader in X seconds" (or whatever it says), press a random key. Then try to type the commands suggested by John Nielsen.

Hope this helps. :)

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