In the last 3 jobs that I have worked at, there have been
a mix of Linux machines and FreeBSD machines.
When using an NIS or LDAP environment where
there is a single login across multiple machines, it is useful to
have a single shell setting.

Since Linux and MacOS X have "/bin/bash" as the shell,
in order to get the FreeBSD boxes to play in this environment,
I have seen admins do the following on FreeBSD setups:
   ln -s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash


   ln /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

and then make sure that /etc/shells as:

Can we add an optional knob (turned off by default) which creates this
and updates /etc/shells?

This would help with interoperability of FreeBSD hosts in environments mixed
with Linux and MacOS X.

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