Am 12.09.2014 um 23:38 schrieb Bryan Drewery:

> The proper fix is to fix scripts to be portable and use #! /usr/bin/env
> bash rather than /bin/bash.

Proper portability means scripting for a POSIX sh, and /bin/sh can
handle those scripts.  In the majority of cases replacing == by = in
test or [ commands suffices.

> We install all packages to PREFIX=/usr/local by default. Why should a
> bin symlink be an exception? There's no suggestion for symlinking
> includes or libraries which also hit users often.

We'd need something for fsck and thereabouts though...  if /usr is on,
for instance, an ext2 file system (which is part of the kernel after
all), we need the tools early in the boot process, before /usr is there.
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