On 9/14/14, 2:32 AM, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
Technically, I agree with you that people should write portable shell
and use #!/usr/bin/env bash rather than #!/bin/bash.

Pushing that behavior upstream is not always practical these days, where
FreeBSD is in the minority, while Linux and MacOS X are in the vast
majority of where
people are doing development and learning how to write shell scripts these

I agree with Craig here.
we can keep our code "pure" but the standard shell these days for everyone except us is /bin/bash. There is nothing wrong with FreeSBD deciding that an industry standard should be adopted..

While I don't like it when people code stuff at work in bash instead of sh, I have to admit it has a lot of advantages, and I can't really stop them.. It's getting more and more common so to some extent we should probably hide our pride a bit and look at bash (and maybe vim) and giving them better standard support.

mailing the symlink is a really small thing.

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