Manfred Antar <> writes:
> Then for some reason /var started to being mounted mfs.
> so for me i think it has something to do with the new rc.d startup files.
> If I have varmfs="NO" and cleanvar_enable="NO"  everything works fine.

Not really.  The default for varmfs is AUTO, which mounts a memory file
system on /var if, after mounting all "early" file systems, /var is not

> Writing entropy file:random: unblocking device.
> takes a little longer 
> I changed to entropy_save_sz="4096"  in /etc/rc.conf, maybe thats why.

That shouldn't make any difference.  Our /dev/random never blocks once
it's seeded, and reading 4096 bytes won't take noticeably longer than
reading 2048 bytes.  But it should already be unblocked by then - this
is on shutdown, right?

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