Tomoaki AOKI <> writes:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav <> writes:
> > Manfred Antar <> writes:
> > > Then for some reason /var started to being mounted mfs.  [...]  If
> > > I have varmfs="NO" and cleanvar_enable="NO" everything works fine.
> > Not really.  The default for varmfs is AUTO, which mounts a memory
> > file system on /var if, after mounting all "early" file systems,
> > /var is not writeable.
> For me, Manfred's workaround actually helped.

It helped that particular issue, more or less by accident.  It was not
in any way a correct fix or even a correct workaround.

> In single user mode, actual /var (in root partition) appears as
> before.  So there can be some mis-ordering within rc scripts.
> (Remounting of / is delayed? Check for /var too early?)

Exactly right; the check for a writeable /var occurred before / was
mounted r/w, so it mounted an mfs instead.  Xin fixed this in r273919.

> For me, [unblocking /dev/random] takes nearly 2 minutes each boot
> after r273872.  No specific rc.conf setting for it.

That means we're not getting enough entropy during early boot, or we're
underestimating the amount of entropy we're getting.  We added entropy
harvesting to device_attach() about a year ago, which in most cases
provides enough entropy to unblock /dev/random before we even run

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