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> Hello!
> As announced a week ago, vt(4) is now the default console driver in
> 11-CURRENT as of r274085.
> You may have to update your console settings in /etc/rc.conf. During
> boot, /etc/rc.d/syscons will indicate what you need to do.
> The original HEADS UP mentioned several known issues. Among them, the
> following were fixed:
>     o  A video mode can be selected using the following tunable in
>        /boot/loader.conf:
>            kern.vt.fb.default_mode="1024x768"
>        This only works when using a KMS video driver. It's not
>        supported by the VGA backend. See vt(4) man page for further
>        documentation.
>     o  The keyboard was not working when kbdmux(4) was disabled. This
>        is fixed.
>     o  After loading a KMS driver, the text cursor was in the middle of
>        the kernel messages. The problem was that the cursor position was
>        not updated after the change in window size. This is fixed.
> Up-to-date information can be found on the wiki page:
>     https://wiki.freebsd.org/Newcons
> If you want to keep using syscons(4), you can add the following line to
> /boot/loader.conf:
>     kern.vty=sc
> Thank you to everyone who tested and reported problems! Please continue
> to do so, especially if you find the need to go back to syscons.

No. Thank _you_! :)

I was unable to determine from the wiki. But do all these wonderful
new features also work with the nVidia blob, under vt(4)?
I'm currently building a new 11-CURRENT from the 10-26 iso, as I write
this, and was wondering if the graphics mode at higher resolutions was
now possible using the nVidia blob.

Thank you again, for all your work on this!


> -- 
> Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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