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No, video mode won't work with the nVidia blob.  That requires
a KMS (in-kernel) driver.

Thank you for the reply, Gary.

Ahh. I see. So unless I have ATI hardware, I'm pretty much out of luck?

Or Intel, or anything with KMS drivers.

Thanks. Everything I manage, is using nVidia. Looks like
the kms VESA might work. But I'm not sure if there would
be any appreciable gain going that route (assuming it's even

It's worth asking Nvidia directly.  I would not be optimistic about
that, but it's easy to try, and they might surprise everyone.

Another option might be nouveau.  Don't know the current status of
whether that works on FreeBSD, though.
LOL funny you should bring that up, just now.
Prior to a fresh install on bare metal. I always boot to a gpartd
CD. I use it to easily see, and quickly blank the disk(s). I only
choose it, because it's quick-n-easy. It is also the perfect tool
to wipe that evil grub[2] off the MBR. Which has given me no end
of grief after evaluating some Linux distro. Anyhow, point being;
the desktop is powered by nouveau. I've never had an issue with it,
and it always seems to pick the "right" resolution/frequency. So,
because of that. I was already thinking of investigating that route.
As to talking to nVidia. My past experiences in that regard were,
shall I say; less than ideal. They're always friendly. But getting
anything that might "uncover" any coveted driver info, always fell
short of helpful. :)

Thanks for the reply, and helpful information, Warren.




The KMS stuff seems to work on my intel HD graphics based MAC. Finally I can switch back to the console!


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