Ok, more in the sound department:  A current src/sys/dev/sound with a
src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/dsp.c from the 22nd does not exhibit the high load
problem.  Moving dsp.c to the 24th causes the problem to re-appear.  Thus,
I'm prety convinced tha the big commit on the 23rd to dsp.c is the cause
of at least my woes.  However, I had major problems is onther areas with
running dsp.c out of sync with the rest of the sound dir, so I RERALLY
DON'T RECOMEND IT(not that you may care what I think).  The workaround
that has worked for me on three machines is to revert ALL of sys/dev/sound
back to the 20th.  If I get really bored in a couple of weeks, I may try
to hammer out a patch, but I've got no familiarity with the code, so
someone who understands it, or can do it sooner,  might want to take a

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