Doug Rabson writes:
>On Tue, 2 May 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>> :Is anyone else observing kernel panics in the NFS code with Alpha
>> :(pc164) and rl0 (the Alpha is running as a client only) ?
>> :
>> :NFS worked just fine when I had a de0 in the box. After installing an
>> :rl0 (I know they suck, but they're so cheap :) I _always_ get an
>> :unaligned access panic when I try to access an NFS mounted FS, in any
>> :way.
>>     This is almost certainly related to differences in how the
>>     packet is aligned in memory between de0 and rl0.
>>     If you are getting panics, it is probably at the same
>>     location every time.  If you can get a kernel core dump
>>     and backtrace I'll bet we can find and fix this problem
>>     quickly.
>Bill put workarounds for the alpha's alignment restrictions into some of
>his drivers but it seems that he missed out rl. Basically the part of the
>packet which includes headers needs to have the start of the ip header
>aligned to a 4-byte boundary. Since the preceding ethernet header is not
>padded to 4 bytes, this often means copying the first part of the packet
>to another mbuf.

Thanks, but there is code in rl_rxeof() to align to a 32 bit boundary.
If that weren't the case than I would expect the Alpha to panic with
other IP applications, not just NFS.

I don't know, NFS must be doing something weird.


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