> Hi,
>    Today, I tried a test install of the last nights -current, 0502-SNAP.
> The cd boots correctly and the install works like a charm. However,
> after finishing the install and attempting to boot the newly
> installed system, it hands at the "F1  FreeBSD" prompt. Hitting
> the F1 key (or any other key) simply results in a beep.

This always means either a geometry error (99.9% of cases) or a disk 

You're using a SCSI disk, so I would guess either:

 1) You are using an Adaptec controller, and you have the "extended 
    translation for disks >1GB" option turned off.
 2) There was another operating system installed on this disk, probably
    installed on another system/SCSI controller, and sysinstall has become

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