Today, I tried a test install of the last nights -current, 0502-SNAP.
The cd boots correctly and the install works like a charm. However,
after finishing the install and attempting to boot the newly
installed system, it hands at the "F1  FreeBSD" prompt. Hitting
the F1 key (or any other key) simply results in a beep.

   By booting off of the mfsroot.flp floppy, and then telling
it to boot from 0:da(0,a)/kernel, the system boots up normally.
I've installed the boot code again via:

boot0cfg -v da0 && disklabel -B da0
#   flag   start chs type         end chs    offset    size
1   0x80   0:  1:  1 0xa5    1023: 70: 27       27  4163697

drive=0x80  mask=0xf  options=nopacket,update,nosetdrv  ticks=182

   This does not fix the problem. I'm continuing to look into
this problem. If anyone has any ideas on what I should look at,
please let me know.


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