Well... The system I was replacing was simply an older snap from
november of last year..

I've replicated the problem on two different machines (yes, one
with an adaptec controller, but the option is on. The 2nd an
older HP Vectra XU 5/133C  with an amd0 controller).

I've determined a non-source fix is to:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 bs=1k count=1

and then do the install. This is with a compatible partition. I
have not tested dangerously dedicated yet.

No, I haven't done any disk swapping...

Thanks for the reply!

> > Hi,
> > 
> >    Today, I tried a test install of the last nights -current, 0502-SNAP.
> > The cd boots correctly and the install works like a charm. However,
> > after finishing the install and attempting to boot the newly
> > installed system, it hands at the "F1  FreeBSD" prompt. Hitting
> > the F1 key (or any other key) simply results in a beep.
> This always means either a geometry error (99.9% of cases) or a disk 
> error.
> You're using a SCSI disk, so I would guess either:
>  1) You are using an Adaptec controller, and you have the "extended 
>     translation for disks >1GB" option turned off.
>  2) There was another operating system installed on this disk, probably
>     installed on another system/SCSI controller, and sysinstall has become
>     confused.
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