On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 02:39:12AM +0000, Glen Barber wrote:
> Hi,
> Within the next 24 hours, I will merge the release-install-debug branch
> into head, which will enable building and installing stripped debugging
> files by default.
> In general, this should have no significant impact, but any fallout will
> be addressed as soon as possible after the merge.
> Those that do not want debugging files built/installed by default should
> add 'WITHOUT_DEBUG_FILES=1' to src.conf(5).  This will also be noted in

Does this feature take into account the optimization level
that one may set via CFLAGS?  Conventional wisdom used to 
claim that debuggers did not fair too well with code that
was compiled with -O2 (or -Os and/or other well-known gcc
options -fomit-frame-pointer, etc.)  The common advice was
to recompile one's code with -g or '-g -O'.  Does lldb cope
better with optimized binaries?

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