On 18-2-2015 1:21, Shawn Webb wrote:
On Wednesday, February 18, 2015 12:45:36 AM Jean-Sébastien Pédron wrote:

An update to the DRM subsystem, not including the drivers, is ready for
wider testing!

The patch against HEAD is here:

I'm interested in success/failure reports for amd64, powerpc and
powerpc64 users, for i915 and Radeon GPUs. I already know there is a
build issue on i386, please wait for the next patch if you are in this case.

The changes brought by this patch are explained in a blog post:

This is working well for some Radeon users for more than a year.
However, it only started to work with i915 a month ago, when the i915
refresh was committed.

Try your day-to-day applications, try suspend/resume, try all output
connectors, try OpenGL stuff, try backlight controls, everything :)

Thank you!
I'll definitely be testing this on my Haswell laptop, running HardenedBSD. I
should have a report back by the end of the week.

I'm assuming, though, that Haswell won't be working, right? I'll still have to
use the VESA driver. As far as Haswell is concerned, you're mainly looking to
make sure that the patch doesn't actively break anything?



Correct, this is a lets "see if everything still works" CFT. This is just the device independent layer that is getting a update, so no Haswell support.

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