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> On 2/18/15 3:41 PM, Xin Li wrote:
> >
> > The _only_ reason that I can think of is that more(1) does not clear
> > screen for certain terminals (done with 'ti' and 'te' sequences),
> > while less(1) when running as less does.
> >
> > The less(1) behavior can be annoying to some people (sometimes even
> > myself when using less to show contents of a file and ^Z to paste
> > them), and unfortunately quite a few of them also happen to be the
> > more vocal ones when it comes to a change.
> I find that behaviour infuriating
> I page down to a place to get some text on the screen to use as  a 
> reference, then exit to run a command with that information, and *bam* 
> the info I wanted to use has gone away.
Indeed. Quite annoying.
I just had an interesting thought after reading most of this
Theoretical, mind you. But would it be remotely possible to
[in (t)csh(1)] choose a pager on-the-fly (dynamically)?
In other words; bind keys to a chosen pager;

^M switches to more(1)
^L switched to less(1)

I've done no *actual* research [yet] but just thought
I'd bring it up. As it seemed worth a shot, as it would
satisfy *anyone's* need. :)

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