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> On Thu, 19 Feb 2015, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>> Not as annoying as people who don't search the web for an answer for
>> things.
>> ~ % export PAGER="less -X"
>> everyone please stop crying over small changes, it really sucks.
> Not sure what you are saying, but the question posed is changing
> the default pager.  So that means:
>   o all users who like the current more(1) behavior have to define
>     and override PAGER.
>   o all users who like the less(1) behavior remove their override
>     of PAGER
> Or leave things alone, and users who want less(1) behavior
> override PAGER, which they've probably already done if it's
> that annoying to them.
> The answer seems pretty simple to me.
> --
> DE
I still want my purple and yellow bikeshed and most(1).

No matter when happens, a lot of people will need to undertake the massive
and painful effort of defining PAGER. I realize this is a terrible burden
for may of them.

Let's call the whole thing off and maybe do something useful.
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