On Sat, 6 May 2000, Will Andrews wrote:

>I've noticed an inconsistency among our ports. It seems that not every port
>that installs rc.d startup scripts includes methods to not only startup,
>but also shutdown and/or restart, where appropriate. (Sent to -ports for
>ports hackers' opinions.)

You have answered your own question.  What exists in ${PREFIX}/etc/rc.d
are startup scripts, *not* shutdown or restart scripts.

>Shouldn't this sort of thing be standardized? And maybe a similar method be
>integrated into /etc/rc for restarting base system daemons? (Sent to
>-current for src hackers' opinions.)

You mean our init system should look like RedHat's?  The OS is named
Free_BSD_ because we use not only the source code from the BSD team at
UCB, but because we practice their OS philosophy as closely as is still
relevant to the industry.  We use BSD init, not SVR4, and I don't see
any reason for that to be altered.

BTW, I don't read -ports.

Brandon D. Valentine
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