Will Andrews wrote:
> Hello,
> I've noticed an inconsistency among our ports. It seems that not every port
> that installs rc.d startup scripts includes methods to not only startup,
> but also shutdown and/or restart, where appropriate. (Sent to -ports for
> ports hackers' opinions.)

        Dave already mentioned the right targets, and I agree that it would be
nice to have this. I have some sample stuff that I've used for quite a
while that I'd be happy to clean up and share as templates. One thing we
can do which will improve the situation right off the bat is standardize
the code that does the pid-finding, etc. and then source those functions
in each control script. 

> Shouldn't this sort of thing be standardized? And maybe a similar method be
> integrated into /etc/rc for restarting base system daemons? (Sent to
> -current for src hackers' opinions.)

        I'm going to reply to the system part of this too, replies to this
thread should split off to -current. I have a design in mind for a new
rc system that uses scripts with "start, stop, status" operators to both
upgrade and downgrade services, where "services" are defined as groups
of daemons/programs that work together. For example, "nfs" would be an
example of a service, which would be subdivided into client and server,

        Unfortunately, due to the way work is going right now I haven't been
left with any time for big projects of this nature. My plan was to start
small with the daemons that don't have a lot of dependencies, then grow
the system up through the top. If anyone wants more details about my
ideas on this line, just let me know.

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