> Fine, you can quote historical context to argue against doing something
> similar to SVR4 init. I, however, see nothing wrong with making it easier
> to manage the daemons. Of course, that does not necessarily need to go in
> the rc.d scripts.

This is as it should be..  "rc" files (and directories) are (in my
opinion) meant to hold required configuration and startup information, NOT
stuff that sends SIGHUP to Apache.  Gated got it right - add a simple
program (gdc) that does the extra stuff.  If we could get the ports
maintainers to supply a script that does the extra stuff and install it as
part of the port, that could be a mild inducement on the behalf of
FreeBSD.  I dunno how many times I've typed "ps ax|grep dumbproc   ...
kill somepid ....  dumbproc" or something like that.  "restart dumbproc"
would be easier, and unique enough that there wouldn't be any major naming 
collisions.  Create system-wide "restart", "start", and "stop" scripts
that the ports maintainers could plug into for those functions...

Mebbe not a bad idea for half of the base system programs as well --
wouldn't change the BSD way of doing things, but would add some extra
ease-of-use...  Just make SURE that people don't start calling "restart
lpd" from script files, as that could break things when it comes to
porting to other BSD variants.


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