"Rodney W. Grimes" wrote:
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> > It seems Arun Sharma wrote:
> > > I have the following disk:
> > > ad4: 9787MB <WDC AC310200R> [19885/16/63] at ata2-master using UDMA33
> > > and am experiencing hangs when I run it with UDMA66.
> >
> > That exact disk model cant do UDMA66 reliably, even Linux has it
> > on the blacklist in the driver....
> >
> > > I read the threads from Feb, where it was said that non IBM disks
> > > had problems with the UDMA66 code in FreeBSD. Some of you said that
> > > the disks worked just fine with other OSes.
> >
> > Not all non IBM disks has problems, that was not the message back
> > then, at least not from me. What I said, and still says, is that
> > Maxtor and WDC has a bad reputation on making drives that can't work
> > reliably with UDMA66, quantum has its share too but not so bad.
> > IBM's on the other hand works as expected...
> Perhaps that is why Western Digital has gotten the nick name around
> here of ``We Don't Care''.  :-)  In all seriousness we stopped using
> WD drives in the retail store front computers over 2 years ago due to
> they problems we have had with them.  Been using Fujitsu with very
> good luck, and IBM on the higher end and been very happy with them.
> We use to be big in Quantum scsi drives, but with IBM finally getting
> it's supplier side act togeather as far as channel avaliability of the
> SCSI products we've switched the AAI commercial server side over to them.
> I can't remeber when the last problem was, ohh.. yea... 1 doa unit out
> of 32 drives, probably caused during the assembly process of stuffing
> them in the kingston canisters (a not too gental operation).  Infact
> now that I think about it that is the only problem we have had with
> IBM drives in over 500 units sold.  Not bad, thats a .2% AQL, something
> I don't recall seeing in any disk drive product line we have used over
> the last 8 years !!

We have had the same luck with IBM also. Maxtor(Diamond Max Plus) is
also very close. Except for several 15GB models(we since have dropped
that model) we have seen a 0 failure rate with them. I don't recall ever
seeing quality, price and performance like we do now. The same goes for
several brands of motherboards too. This has to be the PC's golden age.
Look at memory prices and quality. 1GB of PC133 can be had for under
$900 and again with the assurance that a failure would be pretty rare.

Ted Sikora
Jtl Development Group 

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