Hi Bapt & current@

> I think keeping a fully functionnal roff(7) toolchain part of the
> base system is very good on a unix.

Yes, Unix has always also been a tool to get jobs done (aka PWB),
as well as merely recompile more Unix. Ditto FreeBSD.  

> From what I could check I cannot find any regression when migrating from gnu
> groff to heirloom doctools, if there is a particular area when you think extra
> care is needed please share it.
> Heirloom doctools: https://github.com/n-t-roff/heirloom-doctools

Regression tests that use public BSD source & data to build more
BSD are a good start, but just a start, insufficient to discover
all problems.  There's non public user data sets to consider.

Many users won't read current@, just announce@, so before removal
hits a Release, we need a one Release warning, ie "This is the last
Release before old functionality goes.

Assume lots of user data will Not be compatible with heirloom-doctools
& users wont know to start checking their data, until they see an
announcement in the next Release.

We'll need a copy of same version of existing tools, macros etc, copied out
unchanged to a port or meta port so users affected have a lifeboat.

User data Will break: (My groff usage frequently broke when groff
changed:  I use groff for CV, business card, letters, invoices, &
personal, with embedded pics, scaled & offset figures, tables,
fonts, sizes, & ouput in all of txt ps pdf pcl & html output.)

Unfortnately I have'nt time to help test with my data as FreeBSD
already eats too much time, shoving bind from src to ports (+planning
to dump bind & move on) + ripping majordomo & acroread out of ports,
all of which I need & must restore before upgrading servers &

Changes would need maximal warning & minimum disruption please.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix C Sys Eng Consultant Munich http://berklix.com
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