> > Yeah, I was just joking, I kinda like some things about SVR4, but I still
> > think it would be nice to keep the option of using some of the regular rc
> > scripts that we have now. Imagine the confusion of the people that have
> > ONLY used FreeBSD when they go in and see rc.d and all it's
> > scripts. Personally I kinda like the rc.d stuff better myself, but I'm
> > just thinking about the average user.
>       What does the average user do with the rc scripts? (BTW, I'm not being
> combative here, just using your letter as an opportunity...) In my
> outline we would still have /etc/rc.conf[.local], which is what the
> average user interacts with now. It's what happens behind the scenes
> that I want to change. The way that the various services get started.
> Instead of the arcane, confusing system of rc* files we have now (most
> of which grew out of necessity, don't get me wrong) we would have a
> system that could be used at startup, and then also used while the
> system is running to upgrade and downgrade individual bits, or groups of
> bits. 
Well, I guess I am not an average user then. I have customized most of my
rc scripts. You are right though, it seems much better to "change what
goes on behind the scenes" because it took me quite a while to learn what
everything we have now did, and it took me only a day or two to figure out
how to use the system you describe (well the back end anyway)


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