Amancio Hasty wrote:
> Check it out at:

Yes, that is great news!  I tried compiling it, but I had trouble with
lib/Xm/Scale.c.  It wanted to include <langinfo.h>, which FreeBSD
doesn't have.  So, I copied langinfo.h from
/usr/compat/linux/usr/include, but even then, there was this constant
that was undeclared.  So, did you get it to compile, and would you
mind posting a patch?  I understand some FreeBSD people (epecially the
JDK folks) really want to run Motif on FreeBSD.  Way to go, Open
Group.  That ought to shut up the Linux Qt/Gtk "we want everything on
the planet free w/source code" whiners.  I mean, I like Qt and Gtk. 
But, having Motif source freely available for Linux and FreeBSD is a
big step, IMO.

- Donn

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