At 9:35 AM -0600 5/16/00, Nate Williams wrote:
> > If this Open Motif can be distributed as a port or package for FreeBSD
> > itself (and it seems to me that it can), then what hassle is that for
> > JDK on FreeBSD?
>It requires two downloads to get a working JDK system.  No other OS
>requires multiple packages to work.

As long as package-dependencies are handled automatically, I do not
see this as a problem.

>People shouldn't have to compile Motif up just to get a non-source
>version of the JDK to work.  Versioning problems that can be caused by
>folks using different include files and/or X than what was used to build
>the JDK.  Bugs that have slipped in due to changes in the Motif port
>that negatively effect the JDK.

Hmm.  You're saying that if I already have X installed, and if I already
have Open Motif installed, then if JDK uses these already-working packages
it will have bugs, and thus it has to install it's own version of Motif?
(and it's own version of X?).  I don't have any reason to doubt you, if
you say that's true, but if that's true then it does not leave me with a
"warm and fuzzy" feeling about JDK/Motif.

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