> But I'm suddenly confused what you're actually talking about
> here: OpenSSH, OpenSSL, or RSAREF.
> OpenSSH has never included crypto code, but it's useless without OpenSSL
> which quite certainly does. OpenSSH no longer requires RSAREF to operate
> (if you've got clients/servers willing to do DSA SSH2), which is the
> "non-free" component I was talking about.

OK, if OpenSSL still contains crypto then "never mind"; I thought
OpenSSL used *only* RSA and it used it through the RSAstubs code,
making it "OK."

> today as well (after you've checked and got that legal advice I've been
> bugging you about :)

I'm working on the legal advice; a firm has been retained and
consulted.  Some paperwork needs to be done in order to get FreeBSD an
export permit and I'm still working on figuring out if this will be an
ongoing issue or we can just do it once.

- Jordan

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