Okay, I've just committed OpenSSH 2.1 to -current. It was a difficult
merge because the OpenSSH guys basically ripped apart the source code when
they were rearranging it for SSH2 support, so I hope I put all of our
local changes back in the right places. I've tested this as much as I
could locally, but not all of the possibilities.

New in this version:

* SSH2 support. See www.openssh.com for interoperability details with
other SSH2 clients (I tested it with the ssh2 port and it seemed to work
well). See /usr/src/crypto/openssh/README.openssh2 for some brief
installation/operation notes, as well as the manpages. Note that if you
don't create a DSA key manually then one will be created for you on next
boot if you have sshd_enable=yes in your rc.conf

* OPIE support. This only works with the SSH1 protocol, unfortunately. I
still need to improve the way the sshd generates fake challenges for
nonexistent users, but it makes some attempt at present.

* Kerberos support is also limited to SSH1.

* No longer a dependency on RSA (and therefore rsaref for US folks): SSH2
can handle DSA keys which have no patent or usage restrictions. This means
we could now enable SSH2 out of the box in a crypto installation, with no
post-installation configuration requirements. We now have a truly free SSH

Please let me know of any problems you find in the new code.


In God we Trust -- all others must submit an X.509 certificate.
    -- Charles Forsythe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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