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>If you want a secure filesystem I think that at this particular time
>it would be entirely reasonable to use both gbde and geli stacked on
>top of each other[...]

Nobody is going to break through the GELI or GBDE crypto, they'll
find their way to the keys instead, or more likely, jail you until
you sing.

But neither GELI og GBDE alone or together give you a secure filesystem.

The very first requirement for a secure filesystem is that you can
trust the computer it is mounted on.

No commercially available smartphone, tablet, laptop, server or
desktop computer can be trusted by the owner at this point in time.

Want a secure filesystem ?

First step is to mount it on RaspBerry or Beaglebone without network

But more importantly:  There is no technical fix for lost privacy,
that is a political problem, and it must be solved by political

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