> Il giorno 19/nov/2015, alle ore 02:34, Dan Partelly <dan_parte...@rdsor.ro> 
> ha scritto:
> Hey Pedro,
> some times ago you got some DDB patches from me in which I added relational 
> ops support from it. The patch was a bit clobbered, 
> but last I know you cleaned it up and put it somewhere on freebsd.org (prolly 
> your page) up for review. 

It’s here:

I haven’t tested it though.

> Could you or Adrian review the patch set , and if it is OK potentially 
> proceed with a commit ? Or if it is not ok for a commit , please advice on a 
> follow up. 

I am having hardware issues so I won’t be able to do much in a while.
Perhaps you should review it and submit it as a PR.


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