Hi Pedro,

Sure, no worries , I am grateful for all you did, couldn't ask for more.

I have yet no idea how the projects works, but in the thread in which I
questioned the wisdom of having 
utilities in base spitting out JSON -- instead of properly libyifing some
utilities -- Adrian has
stated something which I perceived to be on the line "everybody talks,
noone codes". So I expressed
my willingness to participate to libifing some utilities from base, but ,
understandingly I  hope,
I want to see how this process goes with code which already existed , 
before investing  time in created new code

So once again, I thank you !

On Thu, 19 Nov 2015 10:08:57 -0500, Pedro Giffuni <p...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>> Il giorno 19/nov/2015, alle ore 04:57, Dan Partelly
>> <dan_parte...@rdsor.ro> ha scritto:
>> Hey Pedro,
>> Thanks a lot , mate. 
>> I’m reluctant to put it up as a PR, since some PR are outstanding for
>> years.
> Well, that’s the way the project works: you cannot really depend on me,
> anyone else keeping old patches around. If you want a record of your
> submission bugzilla is the place to keep it. And of course there is no
> guarantee
> anyone will look at it but your chances are much better in bugzilla than
> in a mailinglist.
>> Adrian,
>> since Pedro has issue with hardware, could you try the patch and give a
>> resolution on it ? I reviewed it mentally (no FreeBSD atm machine on
>> which I could actually  patch the kernel)  and apart style changes it
>> looks OK . Physically i can test it again fro a couple of days.
> Mental reviews don’t count much: if you are not running FreeBSD and
> standing
> behind your patch the chances of being taking seriously are slim.
>>  Getting this reviewed & tested / committed or rejected would give me
>>  idea on how things actually work around here. This is actual code
>>  you can commit or reject not commentaries only like in the thread
>>  regarding the binary code reuse.
> I recall you stated the patch was “not ready” when you posted it. I
> haven’t really
> done anything to say it is ready. Unless someone else finds time to do
> testing it won’t happen.
> Adrian tends to do some particularly valuable contributions to the
> project. I
> would prefer if he spends his time on more important tasks.
>> [qute from libxo thread ]
>>>> It's all fine and good making technical decisions based on drawings
>>>> and handwaving and philosophizing, but at some point someone has to
>>>> the code.
>>>> The reason is simple - someone offered to do the work and push it
>>>> through. This isn't a commercial thing where we get to make project
>>>> >>decisions and allocate resources - the juniper folk came up with a
>>>> solution that
>> Once I see how things work around here once someone wrote  the code, 
>> and get this done one way or another , we could proceed to the
>> libification of ifconfig, should you so desire, and you believe we can
>> all benefit from it.
> Wrong approach. You can’t really blackmail someone into taking your
> changes.
> Things work like this:
> - You discuss your idea and try to get some consensus in the
> lists/IRC/conferences.
> - You *write* a specific proof of concept and get it discussed.
> - You finish your prototype.
> - Your work gets rejected until you get something some committer is
> willing to support.
> - When there are no objections and a committer feels like it, your work
> gets committed,
>  which doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay.
> - You are expected to maintain it.
> Libxo already went through this process.
> We are particularly NOT interested in code where the original
> will walk
> away as soon as he/she receives criticism or has plans that do not match
> ours.
> If this is not your ideal workflow … fork your own BSD, a lot of
> intelligent
> people do just that.
> Pedro.
>> Dan
>>> On 19 Nov 2015, at 11:17, Pedro Giffuni <p...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>> Hello;
>>>> Il giorno 19/nov/2015, alle ore 02:34, Dan Partelly
>>>> <dan_parte...@rdsor.ro> ha scritto:
>>>> Hey Pedro,
>>>> some times ago you got some DDB patches from me in which I added
>>>> relational ops support from it. The patch was a bit clobbered,
>>>> but last I know you cleaned it up and put it somewhere on freebsd.org
>>>> (prolly your page) up for review.
>>> It’s here:
>>> https://people.freebsd.org/~pfg/patches/ddb.patch
>>> I haven’t tested it though.
>>>> Could you or Adrian review the patch set , and if it is OK
>>>> proceed with a commit ? Or if it is not ok for a commit , please
>>>> on a follow up.
>>> I am having hardware issues so I won’t be able to do much in a while.
>>> Perhaps you should review it and submit it as a PR.
>>> Pedro.
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