Carsten Kunze wrote:
> Hello,
> how is it possible to install FreeBSD in an existing empty MBR partition with
> type "freebsd"?  The installer does not allow this (for unknown reason), it
> returns the error "no space left".  What steps would be necessary to add two
> freebsd-ufs and one freebsd-swap into the existing freebsd partition?  In no
> case I want to delete this partition since I do *not* want FreeBSD to edit
> the MBR (to not have data loss again).  There is unfortunately not much
> information in the handbook "2.6.5. Shell Mode Partitioning" (anyway I'd
> prefer to use the curses UI partition editor).
Did you use "Manual" when it gets to the partitioning screen?
When I've done this, after selecting "Manual MBR" (or whatever it's called,
one or two below "Auto"), it should show you the slices
(what FreeBSD calls the 4 MBR partitions):
- Then I select the "freebsd" (move around until it is highlighted one)
  and create partitions within it with "Create" at the bottom of the screen.
  (I always have "fun" with the interface, but repeated attempts with <tab>
   and the arrow keys eventually get me to the right place on the screen;-)

Good luck with it, rick
ps: If it doesn't show the slices,I'm guessing the MBR doesn't make sense to
    FreeBSD's fdisk. You can go to "<Shell>" instead of "<Install>" and then
    try typing "fdisk".

> Carsten
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