Rick Macklem <rmack...@uoguelph.ca> wrote:

> I don`t use it, but gpart is the preferred FreeBSD command. You might try
> that instead.

Does it work with MBR or only GPT? Anyway, I'll try it.

> Well, although installing is always a bit scary, if you don`t touch the
> other
> slices, I`d delete and create the freebsd one. It gets to a certain point
> when
> doing the `Manual MBR` before it asks you if you want to save it on disk.

At least creating by the (curses) GUI installer is not possible. It does create
somewhere instead of asking me and it doesn't even tell me where it
has created it. And there are numeric bugs in the tool. The numbers it
displayed changed without reason and became even negative ...
So the MBR I don't touch with FreeBSD anymore ...
A simple task for the installer developer: Please let me use an existing
empty slice. This is no rocket sience.

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