> On May 21/2000, Clive Lin wrote to -current&-i18n:
> > > The only way i found to link motif programs is by using
> > >
> > >   http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~crossd/FreeBSD/wcs-19990606.tar.gz
> >
> >This seems the solution of wc* routines in FreeBSD.
> >
> >Could any one tell us, is this project dead ?
> Last I knew, David Cross (aka 'crossd') still intended to get the
> above work installed in freebsd.  I think he was waiting for some
> other piece to be installed (the name of which I don't remember,
> but he's mentioned it a few times in hackers or current in the
> past few months).  He recently got commit-ability (ahem), so there
> may be some progress on this soon.
> I know he's been busy with several other projects in the last few
> weeks, but I'm copying him on this message to see if we can get a
> status update.  I don't know if he follows the i18n list.

Porting CDE and Motif was the exact reason that those functions exist :)

That project is still quite alive and kicking, even if delayed a bit.
I have been meaning to finish up the wcs*() functions, and port the NLS
support from OpenBSD into Free.  I am eager to see that a general interest 
in this exists.  I have been meaning to subscribe to the i18n list, as I 
knew wcs*() would be brought up there sooner or later :)

My next message will be to subscribe to that list.

PS: IIRC the version at that URL has a typo in it where _t should become _r in
one of the functions.

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