:> >     kernels then two weeks old for 4.0, and four weeks old for 5.0).
:> Yes.  This started long before the SMP cleanup MFC.  I'm running 4-stable.
:Let me second this.  I have been unable to use moused on my laptop 
:(Sony VAIO 505TR with Versapad) since syscons changes went in right
:after 4.0-RELEASE (it worked under -RELEASE), but broke under -STABLE.
:I had a discussion with Kazutaka YOKOTA, but nothing was resolved.  
:Cut and paste were OKish on the ttyvN with a very twitchy pointer image,
:but it was completely unusable under XFree86-3.3.6 that shipped with 
:-RELEASE (not sure if I should rebuild X or not).  I have been running
:sans moused ever since (so it is not hardware related in my case).
:Sean O'Connell                                Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

    Ok, at least it wasn't me :-)  That's all I care about, bye! .. heh heh,
    just kidding.  It seems that people are homing in on the problem being
    syscons, that's two so far.  Is there any further corroboration?

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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