At 09:00 PM 5/23/2000 +0200, Vallo Kallaste wrote:
>On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 11:06:38AM -0700, Manfred Antar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Not to change the subject ,but
>> mptable causes a panic on my machine running current.
>> If I revert back to a kernel compiled on the 13th of May everything works
>> fine. I think there were some changes made to the SMP code on the 14th or 15th
>> also the binutils were upgraded and I'm not sure what caused it.
>> With a current kernel I get this when booting:
>> Programming 24 pins in IOAPIC #0
>> AP #1  (PHY# 12) failed!
>> panic y/n [y] panic: bye-bye
>> mp_lock = 00000001; cpuid = 0; = 00000000
>> Uptime: 0s
>I've just completed world and compiled new kernel and found that my
>system reboots right after showing about seven lines of usual boot
>messages. I've found that UP GENERIC works and UP custom kernel works
>but SMP is broken. It has to do something with last three days of
>commits, because my last working SMP kernel is from Friday 19'th.
>Running mptable on the UP kernel doesn't cause crash for my system.
>Reboot is totally silent so I don't have any other info, sorry, I've
>only thought it happens about same time as the APIC probe.

I'm backing out to kernel sources as of the 13th and am building a kernel now.
I'm running SMP. It's funny I had a kernel from Sunday  5/21 and it boot's fine and 
works in the 
SMP mode but mptable causes a panic.
I just booted one from sources from the 13th same thing. I think this has something to 
with the new binutils as a kernel built on the 14th and restored via tape works fine 
but if i
check out the sys tree from the 14th and build a kernel it panics at the APIC probe.
Or maybe I need to rebuild some library too from the 14th, I'm not sure if the kernel 
to any library.
I guess a good test would be to make world from before the binutil change and try a 
built from that

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