Not to change the subject ,but
mptable causes a panic on my machine running current.
If I revert back to a kernel compiled on the 13th of May everything works
fine. I think there were some changes made to the SMP code on the 14th or 15th
also the binutils were upgraded and I'm not sure what caused it.
With a current kernel I get this when booting:

Programming 24 pins in IOAPIC #0
AP #1  (PHY# 12) failed!
panic y/n [y] panic: bye-bye
mp_lock = 00000001; cpuid = 0; = 00000000
Uptime: 0s

I'm going to check out a sys tree from the 14th and try rebuilding a kernel and see 
if that works.
The kernel I have >>> Sun May 14 15:39:19 PDT 2000
works fine

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