On Tuesday, March 01, 2016 05:45:04 PM Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> CherryTrail devices/boards with 64bit UEFI are already out. Upgrading the
> hardware is one solution (I did).
> I never did try FreeBSD on BayTrail but for running Linux on BayTrail I
> used special built Grub that was 32bit but could load 64bit OS. Could this
> kind of Grub boot a 64bit FreeBSD, I wonder?

Mmm, booting an amd64 kernel from an i386 UEFI loader would be a bit more
work.  OTOH, in the non-UEFI case we use an i386 loader that boots an
amd64 kernel, so it isn't impossible.

John Baldwin
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