Hi guys.
I'm Mahdi Mokhtari (aka Mokhi between FreeBSD friends).

I am working on adding Mach-O binary format to supported formats for FreeBSD.
Not for emulations on first step, but as a native supported format
just like a.out [or Elf]
(though it can go in both ways too).

There are good reasons to have Mach-O format support IMO.
It's well/clear designed file format.
Can supports multiple Arch by default (It's Fat Format).
Because of its Fat Format support, it can even help porting/packaging easier for
projects such as Freebsd-arm or others IMO :D.
At end (even not among its interesting parts, maybe :D) point, it
leads and helps to have
OSX emulation support on FreeBSD.

BTW, i've coded[1] Mach-O support for FreeBSD with helps of
FreeBSD-ppl on IRC about various aspects of this works (from
fundamental points of VM-MAP, to SysEntVec for Mach-O format) and
with help of Elf and a.out format codes and mach-o references.
It's in Alpha state (or before it) IMO, as I'm not sure about some of
its parts, but I've tested a mach-o formatted binary with it and it at
least loads and maps it segments correctly :D. (it was actually a
simple "return 0" C Code, compiled in a OSX, if you know how can I
force my FreeBSD clang to produce mach-o files instead of ELF I'd be
happy to know it, and I appreciate :D)

I'd like to have your helps and comments on it, in hope to make it better
and make it ready for review.

Thanks and thousands of regards, Mokhi.

[1] https://github.com/m0khi/FreeBSD_MachO
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