I dont know if you missed the point of my message on purpose or not.

I never pretended that you can't extract that information. I maintain that
having sane defaults would empower me to almost never care about aliases,
pipes, filter , regular expressions and what not. It is great that all
this power
is at my fingertips, in case something goes awfully wrong , not so great
when Im forced
to use it. 

And I really don't see how this helps anyway, since number of leafs will 
increase anyway with package base. 

Let me reiterate, perhaps clearer this time:

It is my opinion that sane defaults beat ANY script, obscure command line
alias, pipe, filter, helper program. 

> Don't use "pkg info" then. Use "pkg leaf":

> And to everyone complaining about the number of packages: How many of
> you have actually used the packaged base?

This question is irrelevant. 

1.First of all, many people consider packaging base a great
yet maybe not ready for prime-time, given the current way pkg handles this

information. I personally love the idea, with the caveats above. 

2. The issue is present with all meta-packages in general. The base
only exacerbate an existing issue with the sheer number of packages it

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