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> 1) Graciously and rapidly accept steps forward and then contribute to 
> them.  Anything else leaves you stagnant and worse for wear.
> 2) Simple over complex.
> 3) If something someone else did is working for someone, then copy it 
> and move on, don't waste a huge amount of your customer's time trying to 
> make something better until you are sure that just copying it will not 
> suffice.

What is simple -- split base to 10 packages or split base to 800
packages? I think first.
What need for succesufult moved forward after this?
I think ability of spliting and mergering packages at upgrade.
(clang-base => clang-base-c + clang-base-c++, for example.
or clang-base-c + clang-base-c++ => clang-base).

What need for security updates?
I think ability to have file with common name and different content
with multiple installed packages:

base-11.0 contains /usr/sbin/ntpd
 base-11.0-CVE-1234 direct depends to base-11.0 and contains overlaped 

As result: few packages, compact security updates, ability to
repackage base.

Optionaly, ability to have packages with "dummy" content, for example
 no-base-ntp-11.0 have record (w/o actual content) about
  /usr/sbin/ntpd with size -791552 (negative size) and checksum of
 actual file, for removing some components.

For this feature give ability to have "skins" packages, installed over
main package.

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