Here's a real example.

I have n Centos servers. Cron, once or twice a day, updates our local cache of the yum repos. Then nagios comes along and flags 35 packages out of date.

An hour later, management comes along asking questions about the security implications of those packages. An hour later we finish trolling through and say 'no worries'.

Repeat.  Every day.

With freebsd-update, an announcement comes out that says 'update'!. So we do. Move from 10.2-p11 to 10.2-p12. There is a very clear track record of why and how this happened.

What will be the new update frequency with >100 base packages? How will that impact people running productions systems. I know rebooting the mysql servers is an amount of pain that everyone below the VP level doesn't want to have anything to do with it; explaining to the VP that is.
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